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Sandy and Joyce ShapiroSonTeez is one of the early pioneers in the Christian T-Shirt industry. It was established in 1987 out of the home of owners, Sanford (Sandy) and Joyce Shapiro, while traveling with the oldest son Steve, who was a gospel singer. Sandy promoted the ministry and booked concerts in churches around the country. He would give his testimony, as a Jewish man who found the Messiah, Jesus, Steve would sing, and Joyce would sell tapes and t-shirts with youngest (son and brother) Jason to help support the ministry. It was during one of these concerts that a lady approached Sandy wanting to buy what was left of the shirts at the end of the concert, to stock her Christian bookstore, and a Christian t-shirt company was born.

Being slightly before the information age, Sandy sold the one way he knew how, door to door. Sandy then traveled throughout the summer in California and Arizona, selling shirts from store to store out of a U-Haul trailer with Jason. Sandy went into the store with t-shirt samples and sold the bookstore owner an order of shirts. He sent his then 13 year old son Jason out to the U-Haul trailer to get the shirts to fulfill the order. After a couple of months of traveling, we established a stable customer base with regular reorders coming in, and warehoused the shirts in boxes, which were piled nearly to the ceiling in most rooms of the house. After the school year started, Joyce decided to reclaim the house, we were able to graduate to a warehouse we converted from our garage. Sandy continued to travel and send home orders to be shipped. Jason no longer had to climb over boxes in a U-Haul trailer to fulfill orders, he was now able to ship them from the “warehouse.” As the business grew spreading across the United States, we very quickly had to move to an office/warehouse to take care of the expanding needs.

SonTeez Christian T-Shirts

“Reflecting ‘The Light Of The World” for over 30 Years! – John 8:12

Continued Commitment

Having been in business over 30 years now, SonTeez has weathered the storm of hard economic times. Today, we are still family owned and operated. We continue to be committed to our tradition of offering a quality Christian alternative in t-shirts, that have positive, inspirational, biblical messages. Sandy and his family continue to believe that the Lord has His hand on our lives and this business. When there seemed to be no place to go, the Lord opened a door. When we were discouraged and struggling, the Lord brought people into our lives to encourage, pray with, and help us in any way possible. The Lord has met every need along the way and is still blessing this business as we look toward the future.


SonTeez sells wholesale and retail throughout the United States. If you have a store or a ministry and would like information about fundraisers or becoming a SonTeez reseller, please contact us and we’ll gladly discuss that with you. We also travel to music festivals, conventions and seminars throughout the country where we display and sell our product. If you are an event organizer and would like to have SonTeez as a vender, we would love to learn about your event. Contact us and if we can work out the logistics, we would be pleased be be there.


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