Israel’s Greatest Weapon

Israel’s Greatest Weapon is The Lord God… They need no other.

Jehovah, The Lord God, throughout the bible, promised that Israel would always inhabit the land that He had given to them. Despite the efforts of their many adversaries, Israel will never lose her land or her sovereignty, so saith the Lord

One of our recently added t-shirt, Israel’s Greatest Weapon, makes the statement on the front that “Israel’s greatest weapon is The Lord God. They need no other.” On the back there are 4 scriptures referenced that point to God’s promise to Israel.

lord is my rock

We have many more designs in our product catalog for men and women you’re sure to appreciate. We’ve been in business over 30 years now and we’re still family owned and operated. We are committed to our tradition of offering quality Christian t-shirts, that have positive, inspirational, biblical messages. We believe that the Lord has His hand on our lives and this business as we look toward the future serving you and Him.

As Christians and believers in God and His inspired word, we support Israel and her right to exist. Shalom.

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